sábado, 1 de octubre de 2016

7 OCT: Mayhem in Marbella!

Private Event! Small and intimate! come on you old punks! Lets have some fun - a night in the studio but lets make it a performance by all !
featuring: The Reinfected playing your favourite old catchy punk songs.
The Spiders From Marbs playing some classic David Bowie songs.
The Accused - well we have some original members in so lets do it! To feature the ever so famous and classic"Solihull" , also "We're Crap" and maybe a surprise
The Bride Just Died are all in the room (nearly) so who knows!
The DC Spectres will treat us to their latest punk n roll
Maybe a jam and half ? Maybe a rare solo song? Maybe some intermingling and guest spot performing , who knows - we have a number of drummers, guitarists, bassists and singers in the room - surely that must be a fun opportunity! 
Bring some drink n your compulsory bag of crisps, ear muffs are purely optional and not supplied.
Date and time as always subject to last minute change depending on existing or occuring gig obligations.
Its probably once in a lifetime to get this bunch together in one room - lets have some fun! Invitation only but by all means bring a friend or two as we like the smell of sweat in confined spaces.

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