viernes, 14 de octubre de 2016

THE ACCUSED - Live At Star Club 1980 - 6 €

01. London
02. She’d Gone Punk
03. W.M.P.T.E.
04. Police State
05. Disco Slag (Hell Hole)
06. Solihull (or Not!)
07. Bride Just Died
08. Do They Owe Us A Living?
09. Do They Owe Us A Living? (By Request)
10. Fast Breeder (What Did He Stop For?)
11. Fast Breeder (Tape Runs Out!)
12. Photocopy Views
13. What A Way To Go
Bonus Track
14. Chaos ‘89 (Unknown Rehearsal)

The Communist Party's Star Social Club in Essex Street Birmingham, was run by the "Birmingham Music Co-operative" on Sunday nights in 1979/1980 and was the place to see new exciting Punk and New Wave bands, as well as jazz/reggae and more experimental music.

It was a tiny room above a Communist bookshop but even served as one of Duran Duran very first gigs. If 30 people turned up it was virtually full, and famously sported a bust of Lenin above the tiny bar. John Peel can be seen attending the club to watch the Nightingales in his Arena BBC Special. The Accused played there three times and this performance is from the gig on 3rd February 1980 when we played with 021. It is a perfect example of the chaotic DIY spirit of our early punk gigs, short but sweet, a random bass player was simply pulled out from the audience to try his hand, even through he had never heard us before! It was a magic place that only existed for a few short years but if you were in the know and loved punk music, this was your Sunday nights taken care off!

By Paul Panic 2014

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