viernes, 23 de junio de 2017

Novedades y reentradas: ALI AGCA / WOJTYŁA split 7''EP 4 €

Another brand new relese this summer. This time we got for you 100% unholy split of Ali Agca from Barcelona and Wojtyła from Wrocław. Ali Agca delivers 5 blistering crust punk songs with d-beat influences. Slow tempos along with fast parts reminds of early HHIG and Tragedy. Wojtyła with their last recordings before breaking up. Four songs that were previously released as limited split CD with Sugardaddy And Shotgun Justice in Russia. 25% straight edge youth grind band!!!

Pressing info: 525 black

Split Release with: Sm Music / Eatshitbuydie / Mind Corrosion / Cyc Fundacion / Copsa / Inquisamento Acustico.


released July 29, 2011

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