jueves, 11 de mayo de 2017

2 junio: The Reinfected - Live - "Vive La Cabaret!"

Vive La Cabaret Punks! - Hey Fuengirola, we are back in town! At the fabulous Cabaret Club. Great fully licensed music venue. A really good location, its next door to Burger King just 50 metres from the Bioparc (zoo), Fuengirola. This is a really friendly venue and a normal 3 euro a pint. Doors from 9pm (or before). There will be limited seating enabling you pogoers to shuffle along and jiggle your handbags. However if you are quick you can make a seat reservation by calling 642199952. Easy parking and only a 5 minute walk from bus/train station. This promises to be a lively night on home turf. Come and enjoy your very favourite early day punk rock classics played with that good old original passion. A full 90 minutes of live music.
Entrance is 5 euro on the door. Doors from about 9pm or before.
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